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How to Register Through Squadi in 2024

  1. Download the Squadi app or follow the link in the '2024 Season' tab on our website.

  2. If you don't have a Squadi profile, select 'Create User Profile' and create a new profile. For children under the age of 18, this MUST be a parent who creates the profile.

  3. Log into the Squadi app and select 'More' (bottom right corner) and click 'Register Profile', or log into the Squadi website and click 'Action' in the top right corner and 'Register'.

  4. If registering a new player (who doesn't have a Squadi profile), select 'New Participant Registration' and register the player. Otherwise, select the player profile that appears.

  5. Confirm/update participant details for the player, and select 'Next'.

  6. Select 'Find a competition', and search for The Tamborine Mountain Eagles.

  7. Select the relevant competition (U6s-U12s select 'South Coast MiniRoos & U12s, U13s-U18s select 'South Coast Community Juniors').

  8. Select the relevant membership details (MiniRoos player/Outdoor player) and then select the registration age group.

  9. Select 'Add Competition and Membership'.

  10. Update additional personal information and select 'Add Competition and Membership'.

  11. If using a FairPlay Voucher, select 'Add Government Voucher' and enter the voucher details.

  12. Confirm/Update your details.

  13. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click 'Continue'.

  14. Select a payment option under 'Secure Payment Options', enter relevant details and click 'Submit'.

  15. A summary of the registration will appear; click the X in the top left corner to finish.

  16. If your registration was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: All Players, Coaches, Managers, Referees, and Volunteers MUST register through Squadi.

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