World Cup - Senior Competition

Over the past few weeks members of Tamborine Mountain Eagles Soccer club have dusted off weary eyes and tired bodies and embraced the world cup with a series of their own World Cup tournaments.


Two separate events were held over consecutive weekends in June. Both tournaments were organised by the Under 16 JPL team  who will be competing at the Borneo Cup in Malaysia at the end of the year. The boys were responsible for setting up, Refereeing and overseeing the events under the watchful eye of Dean Critchlow Director of Coaching.


The first, an adults tournament,  saw a colourful array of varied shapes and sizes don their favourite teams colours, lace up the boots and give the hammies a stretch. Plenty of deft touch with many winding back the clock to put in some outstanding performances. But highly likely that the main beneficiary on the day would be club sponsors Neil and Rebecca Bell from Physique Physiotherapy.


The adults game was won by Spain. A talented combination of old and young bulls who eliminated crowd favourites Belgium. England did what England do and promised big in the early runnings and despite not winning the cup definitely won the award for best looking uniform - a combined interpretation of the 1950s strip with a Where’s Wally costume.


A great day with special thanks to Jay Harvey for keeping the spirit of the World Cup alive with his generous home made contribution to the fund raising coffers. A great weekend was had by all, great club and community spirit setting the scene for the Junior world cup the weekend after. 


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