World Cup - Junior Competition

The weekend following the Senior Tournament saw a large number of Junior teams both local and imported vying for the coveted Tamborine Mountain Eagles World Cup Junior trophy. There were 4 divisions comprising 8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds, 12-13 year olds and the junior open division contested by the U14-U15 year olds.


The 8-9 year old competition was taken home by Australia bucking the trend in the lesser world cup currently playing in Russia.

10-11 year old competition finally saw England get up, breaking their hoodoo and no doubt paving the way for the national team to do the same.

12-13 year old comp was won by France, a team comprised of players from Nerang (with a couple of local boys) and guided at the helm by the technical mastery of Vaughn Gunter.

14-15 year old competition was one by Nigeria. The first time ever an African team has taken out top honours.


In addition to the games there were also spot activities scattered around the venue. These included games based on ball skills, like juggling, passing and shooting.  At one stage Troy MacKriel (coach and chief BBQer ) turned off the gas and decided to cook by sunlight in an attempt toconserve costs and claw back some of the funds Dane Sharp was busy giving away over at the skills fundraiser. 

What began as a successful fund raising adventure for the first hour with nobody able to shoot the ball through the tyre hanging from the goals, was quickly shut down after the third goal due to fears that all of the fundraising money was now turning  our junior players into professionals. Liam Angus, Oliver Corcoran, and Dane Taylor all conquered the Sharp Shooting exercise earning themselves $50 each. Interesting to note that all 3 sharp shooters were students of Dane Sharp Football Technique Academy.  The training clearly working, but it also seems what goes around comes around.


A fabulous day and no doubt the beginnings of an annual event.


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