The Tamborine Mountain Eagles Complaints Procedure


The Committee, Coaches and Managers are volunteers.

The players and referees are our sons and daughters.

The games are to learn and develop as players and as human beings.

This competition is not The World Cup

Dealing with complaints in a mature and professional manner is an important aspect of any sporting organisation. To ensure a complaint can be dealt with in an efficient manner, the club has adopted the following grievance procedures for players, parents and coaches:
Game Day Grievance

• Refer to the match day official. Please note: All referee decisions are final.

• TMESC supports the role of the referee.

• No discussion about referees will be entered into.

• If the grievance is not resolved on match day the complaint must be put in writing to The Eagles Committee who will examine the grievance and propose a suitable solution. Contact the club at

• DO NOT APPROACH another club, FBGC or FQ without first approaching the Eagles club committee.


Player/Parent Grievance

Step 1

A player/parent who has a grievance will speak with the Coach and see if the issue can be resolved. If the grievance cannot be resolved, the grievance will be escalated to Step 2. 

Step 2

If an incident/query involving a parent arises which the Coach does not feel comfortable dealing with, or does not know how to deal with, the parent should be directed to Step 3.

Step 3

The parent/player with the grievance must put the complaint in writing to the Eagles Committee.  The committee will examine the grievance and propose a suitable solution. Contact the club at and/or fill in the form below. Please ensure to include as much detail as possible and the TMESC committee will investigate.

Complaint Form

A member of the committee will get back to you.