Tamborine Mountain Eagles Mission

Tamborine Mountain Eagles Football Club’s objective is to become a club synonymous with the development of players, coaches and referees.  We aim to create a positive, safe and structured environment where players are free to express and enjoy themselves through participation in football and community.  Our goal is to develop a love of the game and provide opportunities to learn and grow as people and players. We provide a welcoming club for all players, regardless of ability or ambition, across all age groups - from grassroots level to elite sports participation..

Club Development Policy

  • Embody in young players core values of respect, integrity, fair play and hard work by creating a fun, positive, learning environment.  

  • Initiate opportunities for children to be creative on the field by encouraging freedom of expression and originality in both training and games. 

  • Provide a well designed training curriculum that develops players’ enjoyment of the game, technique, ball mastery and game understanding. 

  • Encourage coaches to facilitate player learning, provide guidance and instruction of game understanding over a “command style” approach. 

  • Develop coaches by supporting ongoing development of their knowledge and game understanding through coach mentoring workshops and attendance at recognised coaching courses. 

  • Promote a mentor approach to learning throughout the club.  Players in our Junior Competition squads are encouraged to assist with refereeing, coaching and managing of younger players to create a connected club and community culture whilst developing personal confidence and individual responsibility.

  • Generate a positive club environment for all involved with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude for volunteer coaches, referees, game day managers, administration team and all others involved behind the scenes.


Football Development Policy 

  • Tamborine Mountain Eagles Football Club aims to provide all players with a football education based around technique from an early age.  

  • Research shows that children play sport for two reasons – fun and skills mastery.

  • The focus therefore with our youngest players is to foster a love of the game together with an emphasis on the basic skills and technical aspects of the game.  In practice this involves the development of ball mastery and skills, agility, balance and coordination,  in a fun learning environment. 

  • Ongoing development of these core footballing skills remains  a feature of training at all age levels.  As players mature training incorporates a greater emphasis on the tactical aspects of the game. This includes technical, psychological and social awareness of individual and team play. 

  • Training sessions are devised to give players the opportunity to learn, develop and  improve in a fun environment while also being regularly challenged. Our player centered approach encourages participants to enjoy the game in a professional, positive environment, whilst giving each individual the opportunity to strive to reach their own full potential – whatever that may be.


Playing Style

  • Players are encouraged to pass the ball out from the back as opposed to kicking the ball long or ‘getting rid of it’.

  • Defenders will strive to receive the ball from the goalkeeper and start attacks from the back.

  • Players are taught to play a short passing game, playing longer passes when the time is right. 

  • We strive to play attractive, attacking football, thereby encouraging players to play with freedom, particularly in the final third of the field where we aim to embolden creativity.

  • Our focus remains on the long term development of players rather than any short-term results based focus.

  • We provide children with the opportunity to play in a number of positions thereby experiencing different aspects of the game. In time, as players develop, individual strengths may become evident, however they remain proficient in a number of areas.

  • Players are encouraged to make their own decisions, without recrimination. Learning from mistakes is all part of growing up. Players are supported with considered feedback to help future decision making rather than removing their decision making responsibility.